Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quick Tips on Saving $ on Your Electric Bill

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Saving Money on Your Electric Bill

Are you responsible for paying for utilities at your place? (As in, electricity's not covered by your lease?) What a bummer! Fear not, though! Some of these tips can help you shave down the costs!

Could books help keep you warm
this winter? 
* A certain member of my family has claimed that lining his walls with bookshelves (filled with books, of course!) helped to insulate his house and cut down on heating bills. Could it work for you?

* Erin, a Captain Cheap reader, suggests filling 2 liter bottles with water and placing them in your freezer. They will help keep your freezer hold its cool temperatures, so that it will require less energy, and save you up to $3.00 per month!
A full fridge is a happy
electric bill! Photo
courtesy of TimJFowler
at EcoDaddyo.com

* According to Oh My Apartment, filling up your fridge with food - or bottles of water - does the same thing. A full fridge, rather than an empty fridge, means that less cold air is lost when you open the door.

* Have a dishwasher? Why not open the door and let your dishes air dry instead of using energy to have the dishwasher do it?

....Here's to another cheap week, folks! Looking forward to hearing from you AND your frugal fashion!

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