Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Frugal Fashion Feature

You may be wondering: Captain Cheap, how do you get, and stay, so stylish? 

But wonder no longer, because the answer is: On the cheap! Or, even better, for free!

This is my favorite T-shirt. The front of the shirt features the logo of my local library, and the back has the library's website on it. How much did I pay for this shirt? $0! 
I actually "earned" this shirt by participating in my library's adult summer reading program. You could score a certain amount of points for checking out materials and going to library events, and then cash them in for prizes. I cashed in mine for this awesome shirt! 

Last year, I got a free sweatshirt for opening a checking account. Last week, my summer job just passed out t-shirts to folks to reward us for working the summer. 
I like these free shirts because, first of all, they're free. But secondly,  because when I wear them, people can see that I belong to a community. People can see that I'm a proud library patron, or that I worked with an academic support program over the summer. Pretend vintage shirts that they mass-market (and that cost money) only say: Look, here's a shirt I spent money on. Which is not nearly so cool. 

So how can you get ahold of free shirts, hats, and other fashionable gear? Here are some tips that have worked for me and for other readers who wrote in with their advice!: 

Free "parrothead" hats
passed out at a Detroit
Tigers baseball game. 
* Drew, a Captain Cheap reader, recommends volunteering. He got some free shirts from helping out a concession stand at a local high school. (Captain Cheap hint: Volunteering also often involves free food, too!) 

* Jen, another reader, reminds us that there are often free hats and shirts to be had with the price of a ticket to sporting events. If you're thinking about going to a football, baseball, hockey, basketball, or any other sporting game, check to see what nights are giveaway nights, and get more for your money!

...Here's to another frugal, and fashionable, week, friends!

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