Monday, August 8, 2011

A List of Stores That Pay You for Bringing Your Own Bags

Please note, y'all: These prices were gleaned from stores in my local area (Southeastern Michigan) and Internet research. Be sure to ask your local stores what their bag policies are -- These may not be accurate for your regional stores.

Stores that charge you for using their bags (bring your own and you don't have to pay this amount):

IKEA - $.59/bag

Stores that give you a discount, store credit, or something else for bringing in your own bags:

Fred Meyer's - $.05/bag

Fry's - $.05/bag

Kroger - $.03/bag

Safeway - $.03/bag

Sunflower Markets (in the Southwest) - $.10 for every bag of theirs that you bring back and reuse

Target - $.05 / bag

Trader Joe's - Holds a monthly drawing for those who bring in their own bags for a gift certificate.

Whole Foods - $.05/bag for you or as a donation to charity

Special thanks to Frugal Hacks for help with research:

Here's to a week of more money in your pocket, and less money lost on bags, peeps!


  1. This isn't available in all areas but I've found a store with a huge bulk section (flours, grains, coffee, pasta, granola, etc) and they give you $0.05 for every container of your own that you bring in. Some shopping trips I save more than $1 on my grocery bill. I know it doesn't sound like much but that's $50/year!!

  2. $50/year = a present for yourself from the dollar store almost every week of the year! That sounds like a RAD deal to me! And thanks for the tip!

  3. I take my own bags to Kroger and get $.05/bag not $.03 :)

  4. That's good to know! I think it depends on the store - there seems to be a lot of variation across the country. Lucky for us in the A2 area, it seems like stores here are a little more generous when it comes to bags than in other regions that aren't as environmentally-saavy :)