Monday, March 7, 2011

Household Cleaning Tips from Cheapster Readers

After getting some e-mails from readers about cleaning on the cheap over the last month (and a few tips sent in last week, too!), here's another post dedicated to you and your advice, readers! Cleaning on the cheap:

* Stephanie recommends this article about how to make your own glass cleaner. (I've been doing a variation on this for a while, but without the alcohol. I'll be trying it out next time I mix up some cleaner!)

* Another reader recommends buying concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner, that you can use in both the bathroom and kitchen, and which only requires being mixed with water. She recommends this.

* My dad also brought up the Great Towel Debate within our family. That is, you can re-use towels after showering -- if it doesn't weird you out. (It doesn't weird me out. I re-use towels all the time, and follow my grandpa's advice -- your body had better be clean coming out of the shower, so what's the problem re-using the towel?!) Some people in our family disagree, and like to use a new towel after every shower. This is, of course, a line you have to draw for yourself, but one of the choices is clearly the cheaper one! :)

* Finally, if you are interested in making your own household cleaners of all kinds using just a few simple ingredients, check out this post by the Thirty A Week Blog! (Lots of other great cheap tips to be found in this blog, too, peeps, so be sure to check it out!)

Well, readers, here's to another cheap -- and now clean -- week!
And stay tuned! Next week will be a post dedicated to one of my favorite subjects -- food! (And lots of it!)


  1. I have found there is very little that can't be cleaned with hot water, baking soda, or vinegar. About every other year I spend $15 on some good dish towels, and NEVER waste money on a paper towel!

  2. Baking soda and vinegar are definitely magic ingredients!

    And I DO agree about paper towels! I don't have dish towels, either -- only dish cloths, which isn't that big of a distinction, EXCEPT that that mine aren't actually meant for dishes. They're meant for cars. I bought a pack of "car cloths" (meant for hand washing a car?) in the automotive department at the store for half the price of dish cloths, and they do a great job for both washing and drying!