Monday, March 28, 2011

Free Stuff and Where To Get It

Item:                                                                                                   Where To Get It:

Playing Cards                                                     Casinos near you. Casinos often use decks only a few times and get rid of the cards once they’ve lost their initial stiffness, even though they’re still perfectly good for playing with at home! If gambling happens in your state, Call casinos near you to see what they do with theirs.

Business Cards                             (250 printed for free)
(of your own)

Pens                                                                      Payday lenders offices,
banks, college admissions offices, fairs and festivals (look for booths from banks and real estate agents.)

Magnets:                                                            Your local veterarian's office, at fairs & festivals – look at chiropractors’ booths. When a new phone book is delivered to your house or apartment, one from a lawyer or someone similiar might be included. Taxi companies also often have magnets advertising their phone numbers. 

Candy                                                   Banks, particularly if you actually go inside the bank (don’t be greedy though)
T-Shirts                                                                 The best way I know of to get a free shirt is to volunteer. Lots of volunteer opportunities involve free shirts,  AND it gives you something to do for free which might be more fun than something you might have paid money to do.

College Admissions Offices  (and other departments on campuses) – Why not pop in and take a tour of your local community college or university? So what if you’re not actually planning to take classes RIGHT NOW – it could be a possibility for the future, right? …Right! Because anything’s possible in the future! Chances are extremely good you’ll at least wind up with a free writing utensil or two, if not something even more impressive.

Street Fairs and Local Festivals – Sometimes these things are the BEST places for free stuff, because it’s a great way for businesses to get their names out. It can be hit or miss – I’ve left them before with a bag stuffed full of free stuff, and other times with just a Tootsie Roll Pop in my pocket.  But the thing is, free is free, and many local festivals are, so you’re already getting a great deal on a day’s worth of entertainment! Be sure to hit up booths sponsored by corporations – these are the folks with the money to spend on marketing (aka buying stuff just to give it away.)

Websites where ordinary people (not businesses) near you are getting rid of stuff for free: for your area – click on “free stuff” in the “Classifieds” section

Here's to keepin' it cheap, peeps!


  1. We walked out of VegFest yesterday with a TON of free stuff. I did the math: we paid $16 to get in, and walked out with easily $20 worth of goodies, not including that we ate our way through (didn't have to buy lunch!)

    That Freebie Place on Facebook has a pretty good collection of random free stuff, mostly toiletries.

  2. What's the Freebie Place on Facebook? :) Could you post a link?


    It is just a mom who joined a freebie membership, but shares the info!