Monday, April 4, 2011

Quiz: What Kind of Money Saver Are You?!

That's right, readers, a quiz written just for you from me! Keep track of your answers as you go! (It's only five questions.) Ready?

1. The library is:
A. A place you don’t need to visit – you have a lot of books at your own house you haven’t read yet
B. A place you rarely visit
C. A place you go to get collage materials and to hit up used book sales
D. A place you go to read community bulletin boards and/or to get free newspapers that might have coupons or specials
E. A place you have mixed feelings about because of the potential of accruing late fines
F. A place you go to get music or movies for parties and/or books for book clubs you’re in

2. Something coming up in your life requires you to acquire a pair of black pants, which you don’t currently own. How do you go about getting a pair?
A. What do you mean I don’t own a pair? I bought five pairs of black pants on sale ten years ago for such a situation!
B. Think about shopping around, but really just run into the nearest store and grab a pair
C. Thrift store and/or garage sale
D. Check your e-mail for digital flyers about sales at stores whose email lists you’re on, and/or hit up the clearance racks at a store
E. Wear brown pants.
F. Borrow a friend’s.

3. The most radical thing you’ve ever done to save money is:
A. Bought more than 20 of the same item at one time because it was on sale
B. Shopped on Black Friday
C. Dumpster dived for food
D. Stolen someone’s Sunday paper from their porch for the coupons
E. Stopped showering
F. Lived in a communal house “off the grid”

4. If asked, you could most easily explain:
A. The different sizes and types of Ziplock bags
B. Recent changes in gas prices
C. Ten uses for an old shirt
D. What “doubling” and “stacking” coupons means
E. The cost per hour of running your oven or dryer
F. Who brought what to the last potluck you went to

5.  Your house/apartment is mostly decorated with:
A. It alternates. You have a lot of things, so you switch it up a lot, like on a rotation, and keep the rest in the closet/a drawer/under your bed.
B. Things you bought because they match your decor
C. Things printed from the Internet or from garage sales
D. Discounted posters and prints
E. Nothing – I don’t want to put anything up because tape or tacks might reduce the mount of money I get back on my security deposit
F. Art from friends

Now, add up how many of each letter you got, and...

If you got mostly As, you are: The Stocker-Upper
You save money by spending money – by buying things in bulk and stocking up.  By looking at the big picture, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Being this type of money saver has one big risk, though, and that is your house turning into a warehouse.

If you got mostly Bs, you are: The Theoretical Money-Saver
Your heart loves saving money (hey, here you are reading a blog about it), but your everyday life hasn’t quite gotten into the swing of things yet.  Start out by signing up for free rewards cards at the grocery store (use your phone number or e-mail address so you don’t have to remember to bring your card every time.) Also, visit your local library to see what DVDs they offer. It might help cut down on your movie rental expenses. Then, move into incorporating one money-saving thing every month. You'll be surprised at how quickly you add up the savings!

If you got mostly Cs, you are: The Salvager
You save money by simply not spending it. Reuse, reduce, and rejoicing at the money still in your wallet is your approach. You know how to put objects to multiple uses and are a DIY master. You'll probably be happiest living in places like Portland, Oregon or Austin, Texas, where there are lots of people who can appreciate your outlook (and where you won't be expected to wear brand new clothes in order to be employed.)

If you got mostly Ds, you are: The coupon-clipper
You are all about the sales! …and the coupons, and the flyers, and the rewards cards! Your strongest tactic to saving money is by hitting up clearance racks and discounts.
Beware of money you may be spending on gas or bus fare going from store to store to find the best deals, though.

If you got mostly Es, you are: The Intense Budgeteer
You LOVE saving money.  Balancing your checkbook for you is like ice cream is for other people. Chances are good you’re also good at math. But beware of missing out on fun or exciting opportunities because you are afraid of spending an extra few cents. 

If you got mostly Fs, you are:  The Social Butterfly Cheapster
Saving money is actually not something you try to do – it’s just something that happens as a result of your social life. This is probably the most painless way to save money, since you’re not thinking about it. But beware of being lured into social scenes that might ultimately require spending money!


  1. I wonder if Ned will pick dumpster diving for Question 3?

  2. A The Theoretical Money-Saver is the worst thing you've ever called me. haha

  3. Nick - If Ned takes this quiz, my money's on Coupon Clipper.

  4. Stephanie - Since you've been a featured tipster here on the Captain Cheap blog, I find it kind of strange that you're a TMS! Maybe more time at the library would shift your score?