Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day on the Cheap

For those of you readers who don't celebrate Valentine's Day - I, myself, am in your club - congratulations! Just think of the money we're saving by sitting at home on our couches alone eating leftovers! (But also - you don't have to be in a couple to enjoy the things listed below. Why not take yourself on a date, especially when it could cost you absolutely nothing?)

And for all of you frugal lovebirds out there, here's to you, enjoying a financially-stressless February 14th!

Thinking about a relaxed night in with that special someone? Why not:
          * Cook up a romantic dinner using ingredients that are already in your kitchen? Visit - you enter what you have, and they tell you what to cook!
          * Check out a movie from your local public library? While in my opinion, documentaries are always a great choice, libraries also have recent comedy and drama movies (yes, even "romantic comedies"!) for checkout on DVD / VHS. Libraries also have CDs for checkout if you're on the search for "mood music"!

Thinking about an adventure outside the house? Why not:
          * Visit an art gallery nearby? (Art galleries are almost always free to visit because the art on display is for sale, as opposed to a museum.)
          *  Speaking of: why not see if your local public library participates in a "Check Out a Musuem" program, where library holders can get free passes to visit regional art and cultural museums? (This program is certainly in place for these metro areas: Phoenix, Twin Cities, Detroit, Boston, San Diego, and Tacoma, WA...can your area be added to this list?)
Why not spend Valentine's Day exploring
art, culture, or dinosaur bones - for free?
          * If you live somewhere where this won't entail hypothermia, take the time to enjoy some natural scenery. Bring a picnic lunch or dinner to share along with you to a city, state, or national park nearby. What says romance better than dining al fresco? Note: Often, state parks do charge a few dollars for parking.
           * Colleges and universities frequently host poetry readings, film screenings, guest lectures and more that are often open to the public, and free (or very cheap.) Visit the websites of community colleges and universities near you to find a calendar of upcoming events.
For the cheap folks who want to look suave:
           * Remember this trick: If you have a coupon for a restaurant (say, an amazing 2-for-1 deal), before lunch/dinner is over, tell your date you need to use the restroom and pay the bill up front before it even comes to the table. That way, how much you're paying - or not - can go unnoticed, and that dreaded word, "cheapskate", will not even enter your date's mind. Plus, in general, it's just a suave move, coupon or not, although, of course, there is no reason to go to a restaurant without a coupon in hand! Keep in mind, though, inviting someone on a date with this line: "Hey, want to go to this restaurant? I have a sweet coupon!" is not generally a suave move. Remember, sometimes when it comes to romance, keeping deals on the downlow - no matter how great they are! - is sometimes the best idea.

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