Monday, February 7, 2011

Produce Tips From Readers!

After my Avoiding Produce Going Bad post a few weeks back, I got some great tips from readers about saving money and saving produce from the trash! I wanted to pass the wisdom along, so here we go:

Jennifer told me that dried beans are a much better deal than canned (at only $0.50 a pound, I'd have to agree!) I had a mishap trying to soak beans myself a few years back that has led to me buying canned ever since, but she has convinced me to give the soaking process another shot because of the great savings!
* Rory, another reader, pointed out that frozen vegetables are healthier than canned. Nutritional value IS something worth considering, because while saving money is great, getting the best possible value for your dollar is also good, too!

* Rory also writes that storing cut celery standing up in the fridge in a container filled with 2" of water can prevent, and even reverse, wilting.

*(My aunt) Linda pointed out that the reason lettuce turns brown is from a knife. If you shred lettuce by hand instead, wash it and dry it, and store in an airtight container in your refrigerator, it will keep much longer than cutting it.

Thanks for all the advice, readers, and here's to another money-saving week!

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