Monday, October 17, 2011

Seven Halloween Costumes for $1 or less (and links for lots more cheap ideas!)

The Great Pumpkin will soon arrive, and so will the Halloween party invitations! And the big question is: What will you wear? Well, worry no more, dear readers. After searching high and low, I bring you: Seven Halloween costumes that will cost you $1 or less (and links to a whole lot more cheap ideas!) ...Here we go!

1. Identity Crisis. This suggestion is by Steve and Annette Economides. Dress in all black. Then, buy a pack of adhesive name tags, write a different name on each one, and stick them all over yourself. For nine more cheap ideas from the Economides, check out this article.

You could look as
cool as this Static
Cling Kid this
Halloween! Photo
courtesy of
2. Static Cling. Dress in all one color, and safety pin dryer sheets, socks, and underwear to yourself. If you or a friend has hair gel or hairspray, you can also spike your hair up straight in the air. This is one of the many, many ideas on Robin's FYI Halloween Costume page. Visit the webpage to see 'em all!

3.  A tweet (as in a Twitter tweet). On the front of a white t-shirt, write the words "140 characters" in marker. This is from Glamour Magazine - and they have 20 more low budget costume ideas here. 

4. Chalk Body Outline. Wear all black and outline the sides of your body with white tape! Check out more ideas from Consumerist readers on this page. 

Ceiling fan = Cheap and quick
costume! Photo from
5. Ceiling Fan. Write "Go Ceilings!!!" on a T-shirt. If you have some lying around, add in some football war paint and a pair of pants that sort of match your shirt. For a bunch of other corny and cheap costumes (warning: not all are safe for work!) check out's Quick Costume Page here.

6. Pig in a Blanket. Ok, so it's not the classiest costume on the list, but look, sometimes you just want to be comfortable, and what could be more comfortable than lounging in a blanket or, oh, I don't know, that Snuggie in the back of your closet? Pick up a pig nose in the Halloween aisle at the Dollar Tree, and you're all set to settle back with some candy! Jill at Moolanomy has 24 other ideas to check out here. 

7. Cloud Nine. Throw on a white shirt and white pants and tape a $1 bag of cotton balls all over yourself. Stick on a sign that has the number 9 written on it, and voila! This is from Learnvest, and they've got plenty more ideas on this page. 

Good luck with your costume planning, peeps!

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