Monday, June 20, 2011

Free Trial Roundup: Stuff You Can Try Out For Absolutely Nothing!

Many companies & services offer free trials for people who haven't used their stuff before. Sure, you only get to use it for a few days for free - but still - that could be a few days of awesome. Here's the skinny on some you might want to take advantage of (and I know you peeps are all smart enough to read the fine print before signing up for anything...but just in case you need a reminder...don't forget to read the fine print about needing to cancel a subscription!)

Movies & TV: 

Netflix - Offers a 30-day free trial of movies (online streaming and by mail) for new users. Info about this offer is on the right side of their main webpage here.

Hulu Plus - Access to streaming episodes of most TV shows (all the ones you can't get on free Hulu) plus movies. Free 30-day trial for college students; free 7 day trial for everyone else. Click here to sign up with your e-mail address.

Crunchyroll - Offers a 14-day free trial of access to 250,000 minutes of Anime and Japanese, Korean, and Chinese drama tv shows as they air. Click here for more about the free trial.


Napster - 7-day free trial of access to the ten million music tracks in their library for new users. Click here to get more info about your options for free trials.

Rhapsody - 14-day trial of access to THEIR library of ten million songs - available to new users. Click here to learn more about the offer.


Gamefly - Free 10-day trial of video game renting (like Netflix, but for games) for new members. Click here and check the free trial option to sign up.

World of Warcraft - Free 10-day trial for new players. Info on the WoW main webpage here. 


24 Hour Fitness - Free 7-day trial pass for their fitness centers nationwide here.

Bally's Total Fitness - Free 7-day trial gym membership.  Click here to see if there's a Bally's near you.

Curves - Free 7-day "guest pass" for women interested in a women's only fitness center. Information on their main page here. 

Gold's Gym - 7-day pass for free. Find a location close to you here. 

Lady of America Club - Free 7-day trial for women who are interested in a women's-only fitness club. Check out this webpage for locations near you.

Here's to another money-saving week, friends!

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