Monday, January 10, 2011

Greetings and Lesson One: Laundry on the Cheap

Welcome to the home of yours truly, Captain Cheap!
I'm a guy in grad school (in other words, broke), and I live alone. Living alone can provide special challenges in the art of being chea--er, frugal. I'll be posting some of the tips and tricks I learn on the cheap - feel free to take and use them -- for free! (The best way to save money.) Also, PLEASE post comments and feedback if you know of a better way - or more money-saving way - to do something.

Now, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to a laundry quick-fix.

SITUATION: I currently have $4 in my bank account, which is not enough money to ride the bus to the store, buy laundry soap, ride the bus back to my apartment, pay to use a washer, and pay to use a dryer. But... my dish cloths have... an interesting smell to them that makes me not want to eat around them. I'm losing my appetite over laundry that needs to be washed!

No longer smelly dishrags

SOLUTION: I took out my saucepan, filled it with water, and (generously) poured in some baking soda. I set it on "high" and once it started to boil, threw in my dishrags. I moved them around with a fork and kept them on the stove about five minutes. Then I hung them to dry over my bathtub. And...voila! No more smelly dishrags, and $4 still in my bank account.


  1. Have you read No Impact Man? Or seen the movie? They did laundry in the bath tub by putting the clothes in water and walking on them.

  2. I haven't read it or seen it, although I did read an article about it (does that count?) ...But there was no mention of laundry in the review. I should check that out! Not only for the planet, but also for my wallet!